Hey, ... Tom here. Just a silly webpage with a few scraps of stuff about my life. Just a regular guy - mild mannered Biker/Engineer/Philosopher. Gardening, working on some of my projects and playing pool keep me sane (somewhat!).

My two dogs Sammy and Karma Sammy's webpage is here Karma's page is here

Me, the kid and the sister in law

My Garden

An Audi AWD transmission repair

The kid hiking in the woods of Maine

Engineering Courses I have taken so far

Networking paper I wrote a few years ago

Old pic with the kid and dogs

My varied job experiences over the years

The 1969 GMC plowtruck project

New puppy misbehaving

An Infinity Q45 I dismantled, Check it out


Us in Times Square

Uncle Red from Maine

A Random Stuff page

The kid and her Grandpa years ago

Some of my GM Training and Awards


Activities and Hobbies

Excellent Computer Hardware Site

school Website

Excellent software Coding site

Silly Stuff

Toyota Landcruiser Forum

Best Football Team Ever

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