My trusty steed, a 1973 Harley Davidson Superglide. I've had this bike for about 23 years now, still going strong! It's been driven quite a few miles, I used to drive everywhere with it before the whole - having a kid - thing happened. It still got some pretty good use when there were two parents around, a little less now with the single parent thing going on. It's been through a few sets of tanks and a few other upgrades. Me and Red put Hardcore Howie's 1999 Harley Evolution engine's wheels and rods into my stock 74 inch shovelhead engine about ten years ago, it's still running strong. We used shorter S&S pistons to allow for the longer stroke of the newer engine parts. It's had a Sifton 410 cam for about 15 years now and I'm running an old Andrews Flowmaster carburetor and a set of 2 inch straight drag pipes.

It's had primer tanks for a few years, been crashed twice. I put a new set of narrowglide forks about ten years ago after one of the crashes and I there was a pot leaf sticker in a small dent in the tank for a year. I've painted it myself twice, the last time being about twelve years ago, it's due for a new paint job!

This page is just a few photos of my recent repair to get it going for the season. The down tubes that attach the frame to the swing arm tube had cracked on both sides. This is most likely the result of 35 years of being bounced around on Connecticut roads. I had to remove the rear wheel and shocks to get to the frame to weld it

I noticed this axle sticking out when I went to start it for the new season! Evidently the nut had fallen off at the end of last year!

Taking the wheel off to start my frame repair

I swung the shocks up and the swingarm down to access the tubes.

Starting to grind the spot clean

bigger view

New weld completed

Both sides had to be welded

Temporary paint to hold rust at bay for the season

Wheel back on, new chrome dash sitting on bike

Dash removed to put new one on

Ready to go with saddlebags

New dash, need to wash it now!