This job is on a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora with a leaking waterpump. This is the 4.0 liter engine which is basically a Cadillac Northstar 4.6 liter engine with a modified stroke to make it a 4.0 liter. The pump is driven from a pulley at the rear of the front exhaust camshaft. This pump is tabbed to turn into the housing with angled tangs and requires a special tool to remove and install it.

New pump and gaskets

Draining antifreeze, drain is in front on drivers side

Pump drive pulley on side of cylinder head

Have to remove this check valve first

To remove this pump, you must first remove the air cleaner and air cleaner assembly, position the computer to the side. Then you remove the check valve and the belt/pulley cover. then you remove the water pump belt and tensioner. The pump cover can then be removed after removing the hoses. The small crossover hose can just be removed at cover side only. Then the pump tool is fit into the pump and turned clockwise to remove the pump. There is another tool available that will keep the pump tool from sliding off if needed. The old "o" ring is then removed and the new "O" ring is lubed with silicon paste to hold it into place and it is installed in the pump housing. The pump is then pushed into the housing with the small notched locking tab at the seven o clock position. While holding the pump in place from the other side, slip the tool on the pump and turn about ten degrees to lock it in place. You will see that the tabs will bottom on the bosses inthe housing. The cover is then installed with a new gasket and the other parts are reinstalled in the order that they were removed.

Cover and AIR pump check valve removed

Tensioner and belt removed

Cover off, pump exposed

Special tool for removal and installation

How pump tool fits into pump

Tool hooked on pump, turn clockwise a few degrees to remove

Pump removed, new "o" ring lubed with silicone to hold in it in the housing

New pump installed, you can see black tabs bottomed on housing notches

Cover with new black gasket installed

Installing belt and tensioner

Cover back on, just about done

The pump is now installed, no leaks. This one was a major pain to bleed the system, the trick is to fill the system, let it warm up to temp, then turn it off and let it cool to room temp. then you can add another few quarts of fluid and it should be alright. Verify this by driving with the heat on full hot and make sure it stays hot and the temp gauge doesn't move around.