My buddy Uncle Red died in June of 2007. He was a was a very close friend. He owned Red's Cycle up in Maine and will be missed greatly. Red was a pretty crazy dude and I mean that in a good way!! He was always thinking up something new. He was known to give a few folks a hard time, to say the least, but he had a heart of gold underneath that tough exterior and will be missed by many. The one thing we can say, though, is that when you think of Red, a smile always comes to your face. You always can remember some funny stories involving him, there are too many to count. Rest in Peace, Red

Friday, June 1, 2007 - Bangor Daily News "It's not the destination, it's the journey." SEARSPORT - Elwyn "Red" Higgins, 65, died May 29, 2007, at a Bangor health care facility. He was born Dec. 2, 1941, in Morris-town, N.J., the son of Ernest and Erma (Gould) Higgins. Red was a member of the Exiles of Maine, American Legion, Frank Hazeltine Post No. 43 of Belfast, and Power Parachute Club of Maine. He was also a volunteer firefighter of North Searsport. Red spent many years as chief engineer in the merchant marines, stationed out of Louisiana and Rhode Island. He was always willing to rescue and help fellow motorcyclists stranded and in need of a mechanic. He is survived by his wife of 33 years, Donna Higgins of Searsport; five children, Robin, Roland, Ann Marie, Reggie, and Shanon Higgins; eight grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, three brothers and one sister. In addition to his parents, he was predeceased by his brothers, Robert, Howard, and Johnny. He will be fondly remembered by his many, many special friends. This is an end of a legend. He is also survived by extended family, the Moultons of Searsport. A special thanks to Warren and Diane. In keeping with his request a day of remembrance and celebration will be held Wednesday June 6, at his Searsport home, 42 Frankfort Road. A service of Brookings-Smith, 133 Center St., Bangor. Condolences to the family may be expressed at

Uncle Red's Space

Chilling in the compound

Uncle Red hanging out on the moveable picnic table in the compound. I remember making that table. We were sitting around one day, drinking a few beers and Red says, I've got an idea! Alrighty then, we all thought, what has he thought up, now! Let's put this table on wheels' he says! So we can move it around! The better part of that day was spent on welding casters onto this galvanized picnic table frame while downing a few cases of beer. Mind you, welding to galvanized metal ain't easy! We then decided to weld foot bars below the table as it was way too high to put your legs on now with the new casters that made it mobile. That table's been like that now for quite a few years, now, and will definately be around for quite a few more.

Building stuff, pulling things apart to see what makes them tick, working on the Harleys in the shop, that's what happened when we visited Uncle Red. And there was always the party for at least one good night that would get pretty high paced at times. He always had some kind of idea or some kind of hybrid monstrosity that we could weld up and have a few laughs with!

Then there were the trips out on Swan Lake in his pontoon boat for fishing or swimming or drinking! Fourth of July was always a good party with fireworks being aimed pretty much everywhere!

Red and the kid

Hanging out with his mother Erma

Next door, Red's mother Erma lived up until a short time ago when she passed away. She was a good woman, raised seven children. She was always happy to see us. May she rest in peace. Shanon, Red's daughter lives there now. Here is a picture on Erma's couch. Stevie and Tina have been friends and neighbors for many years and are considered family

The kid, Erma, Shanon, Donna, Stevie and Tina in front

Red with another idea!

Some pictures from a bridge that was a common spot to go to. Half of Red's ashes were spread from the bridge, the other half were blown out of a cannon at the funeral celebration. He liked to blow stuff up and always joked about his ashes being launched.

Red and Donna with his two nieces and me and Bubba

Red with Stevie and Tina

There was always something going on in the compound between Red's bike shop and the house. There were breadtrucks made into campers, there were pontoon boats, there were various assortments of cars and trucks. You never would know what you'd find when you pulled in! Oh, where's the van? ... Oh traded it for a boat. Where's the pickup? ... Oh traded it and some wrenching for a camper. There were chickens and then guinea hens living in the back half of a van in the side yard. A pig had a corner of the bike shop to stay in for a while. Old Bob, the Chevy plowtruck has been sitting in various corners of the yard for a few years, now.

My little one (who's not so little now) setting up for a fire

Boston Bucky and Steve, Bob the plow truck in the background

Warren and Red

More of the same

Here are some pictures from the funeral. I brought my bike up the night before and we had a small get together. Red's niece Kim and Bubba (Tony) had driven up to the middle of Maine from Orlando Florida with their bike and people had come in from all over such as Dave from Ohio and Rachel from Ct. The next day, bikes came pouring in throughout the morning and we had a long memorial ride for Red to the bridge where his brother's ashes had been spread. The fire and police escorted us as Red had been a volunteer firefighter for many years. We spread some ashes for Red off of the bridge and had a short ceremony. The funeral ended with a night long party with over a hundred people.

Rachel and Donna

Donna and friends

Me arriving the day before

Good friends of Red's

The bridge ceremony. It is the same bridge that is in the pictures at the beginning of this page. This bridge overlooks a fast-running stream 50 ft below that was one of Red's brother Howie's favorite places. We used to visit every once in a while after Howie's ashes were scattered there to give him a toast.

Looking off the bridge

Arriving at the bridge

Shanon and Chris with Red's Urn

Chris and Donna ready to scatter the ashes

Brothers looking over the bridge


Best friend Splash and wife

Red's memorial at the party

In the picture below, you can see the compound with the bike shop. On the wall of the shop it says Rule #1 - 911 Howie - , Don't piss me off! in tribute to Howard, Red's brother. They called him 911 Howie, because if you ever needed help you just had to call him and he would be there.

Funeral party in full swing, Bucky waving Hello!

Party going into the night

Reds bike shop, Tony and me on our bikes

Dave and Bubba