This is the Garden for Spring 2012. For last years' Garden page click here

Plants coming up, unfortunately weeds starting to come up too ...

Weeded out small plants, need to get some weeding done

Have two rows of yellow tomatoes, one row of Early Girl and two rows of Better Boys

Zuchinni coming up, only a few seeds sprouted, should plant more ...

The raspberries are starting to invade

First weeding, mid May ...

It's now May, no horror stories of Winter other that the snowstorm we got in October which felled half of my huge maple tree in back. Other than that, no real snow, the ponds didn't even fully freeze this winter, first time I've ever seen that ...

Someone told me to plant marigolds near the beans to keep the bugs away, first seedlings got eaten pretty good by them.

Snow Peas almost ready

A better view of the tomatoes

Squash getting bigger

Tomatoes growing quick

Raspberries taking over

New raspberry growth, it spreads all on it's own

Weeds taking over again

Roma tomatoes in window boxes

Basil in the pot

My buddy Li, the turtle ...

A random plant growing in the pot, it's about five feet tall, now ...

It's now June 6th, it was incredibly hot for a few weeks, now it's been raining for a few weeks and the last few days have been feeling like late winter, early spring, Brrr ... Plant are coming up good, but I still have some space to fill, need to plant something like carrots right away

Chives and parsley, chives started coming up in February, now they're quite tall and flowering

Squash getting bigger

You can see my empty spot ... need more plants, too late for seed, might try some seedlings

Cucumbers growing good

Beans doing better

Soon the tomatoes will have to be tied

Alright, now it is July. The plants are doing well, zuchinni is busting out, the tomatoes are getting tall

Basil and Rosemary doing well

Zuchinni is growing well, need to weed a bit

Tomatoes at about four feet, cucumbers doing well

Sammy the tomato thief, eating green tomatoes

Raspberries getting even bigger

Can see some fruit

Side view of growth, small boxes dying out

First picking of the season

Lots of ripe raspberries

Wild flowers randomly growing

Got the kid picking fruit

Karma chillin' in the shade

It's the end of July, beginning of August, went on vacation and it didn't rain once in the week we were gone, the cucumbers pretty much died out, but tomatoes and zuchinni are doing well. I have some peppers and will try to plant something in the cucumber's spot

another picking of zuchinni and beans, have to find some new recipes

First picking of tomatoes, July 28th