This is the Garden for Spring 2013. For last years' Garden page click here

Sammy, my buddy, died last year at 12 years old. Here is the new addition to the garden ... Zak

He's already doing some gardening at 6 months old.

Another one of Zak's holes

Took out most of the raspberry bushes, no-one really ate them and they were taking over the world

Zucchini and yellow squash are starting to grow

Zak's favorite toy

It's now mid July, plants are growing good, need to find some more plants to put in the ground before it's too late.

Mid July half weeds, half tomatoes

Turtle tank, cluttered patio

Li the turtle, chillaxin'

Added some flowers

Zuchinni busting out

Tomatoes are about four feet tall, now

Need to tie these up a bit more

My poor maple tree, half of it lost in a freak October storm, now a lightening strike takes out a few more branches

Maple tree carnage

Tomatoes are growing good

It's now the end of August, beginning of September. The peppers didn't grow well. Tomatoes are doing good. The weather was so weird, massive rain for a month, then absolutely no rain for a month. Went through some sad times in July and three quarters of the garden died. The zuchinni produced about ten fruits and then died off. Now the tomatoes are raging and my flowers are blooming again and I'm debating on what to plant for the late season to overwinter.

Time to start picking

The kid about to be put to work

Basil and Rosemary, nice to have fresh spices

Fresh picking September 1st, time to make fresh sauce!