This is just a page with some random stuff that may get it's own webpage someday or just might remain here to be labeled as just another one of my random observations.

Random pictures and things that have no particular place

The command center

My garage has many projects waiting for me. I have to weld the back body panels on my 1978 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40, and paint it. I have to disassemble part of the 1973 Harley Davidson Superglide to weld the cracked downtube on the frame.

Garage full of projects, click on the picture for the latest motorcycle repair page

This thing needs some serious work!

I cut the back section off of this truck and I have all the panels for it, when I noticed that the leaf spring mounting gussets are about to rot off!

In the right top, you can see the swiss cheese of a rotted spring mount. The left side is cut off.

My new gussets with spring mount.

Sammy, hard to find floor space in the kid's room!

Karma chilling in Sammy's chair

A picture of the bar around the corner in the fifies

Group photo

One of the greatest pictures ever

Zak chewing up stuff

My new skills in NX6 solid modeling software. Click on the picture for a small page on making this radial engine assembly

The bathroom project

The furnace project