Things that I do at work, a few snapshots

My little corner of the world at a local Connecticut Chevrolet dealer

Working in a Chevrolet dealer as a transmission and driveability Field Service Engineer was interesting. I have to diagnose all kinds of different problems everyday and repair those problems in some fairly complicated automotive assemblies such as automatic transmissions, engines, differentials and transfer cases. I also do driveability issues such as misfiring and poorly running computerized engine control systems which is sometimes quite challenging. Here are a few pages on some interesting things that come along. Some pages go into great detail with many pictures whereas others are just one or two pictures. It all depends if I have the camera on me or if i forget to take pictures or sometimes I start to document something and then forget the camera the next day. Oh well, here they are ...

Front Differential Job

Express Van Transmission

Colorado Front Timing Cover

6L90-E Transmission

Venture Van Transmission

Allison LCT 1000 Range Switch Problems

Trailblazer SS bearing job

Buick transmission rebuild

Colorado cylinder head

Oldsmobile Aurora Water Pump Replacement